Hand Stamped Silk Sarongs


One of a kind!!

Only one of each design here in stock.

Our silk sarongs are a heavy grade of charmeuse silk, hand stamped using ancient batik techniques. Each one measures 75″ x 46″, no fringe. Hand wash with mild soap, will not run or shrink.

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In our hand stamp process, the bronze stamp is created first, it is a work of art in itself! The artisan dips the stamp into hot liquid wax and then applies it to the silk. Once the resist is created, the second color is painted on.


Burnt Ornage Wildflower, Dark Brown, Flower Blossom on Forest Green, Fuschia Wildflower on Burgundy, Light on Dark Green, Red Lines on Border, Tiare Blossoms on Red, Turquoise Flower Blossom on Green